The news about your little bundle of joy




If you are a woman and are sexually active, then this is for you. If you have been taking all the precautions not to get pregnant, then also you need to remember that no method is hundred percent safe. On the other hand, if you have been trying for months to become pregnant then this might be the moment that you have been waiting for. So how do you know for certain that you are soon going to be amother?


There are many symptoms. Some of these are subtle like a little weight gain. The body of a woman undergoes many changes when it prepares itself to carry a small foetus inside it for nine months. The hormonal changes may also lead to mood swings. A pregnancy changes everything in the body even before you realize. It changes a woman emotionally and physically.


Soon after conception, the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall. Then onwards it is a roller coaster ride for the woman. HCG hormone starts secreting soon after. There may be some bleeding, vomiting, nausea, light-headedness, imbalance, constipation and many more other symptoms. But many of these indicators are associated with some other disorders as well. Therefore, to confirm that any or more of these are due to pregnancy, it is important to check with the help of a test.



There are ultra-modern tests available now. There is a test now which can confirm pregnancy by detecting a factor in the blood within 48 hours of fertilization. But this test is still out of reach of common people due to cost, availability and other factors.  There are many homemade tests to detect if you are pregnant. Now we cannot say with surety that these are safe and provide correct results. These ideas sound crazy to some and on the other hand, some women decide to use ingredients available at home to confirm their pregnancy while in the privacy of home.


There are many women out there who vouch for these methods or try these with conviction. Whether it a homemade test or the commercially available test strip, both these work on the basis of thereaction of chemicals with the hormone HCG present in the urine of a pregnant woman. The homemade tests use chemicals or ingredients, like sugar, bleach, soda bicarbonate, wine, bleach, soap, Tylenol and many such commonly available ingredients. Check out this website for further details about little bundle of joy.


The first urine in the morning, of a pregnant woman, is supposed to have more concentration of HCG. It reacts with these ingredients in a certain way, different from that of a woman who is not pregnant and thereby gives a positive result. On the other hand, there are medically and technically superior test strips. These do give more accurate results about pregnancy than the homemade ones.



Then you need to go to a health center and get yourself examined by a medical professional to confirm the report. You have to understand the significance of proper medical testing and treatment and care. The traditionally followed tests may not always be correct. Infact, more often these could give a false report, thereby confusing or misleading the person undergoing these tests. This could be a health hazard as the woman may not take care of herself inspite of being pregnant. Or else she may be extremely happy to know that the result showed her as pregnant, but in reality, she was not. Anyway, you need to repeat the test many times before you get the same result every time.


The hormone HCG may also be secreted in extreme conditions like treatment with certain medications or in some kind of illnesses. This detection might lead to a false confirmation of pregnancy. It may also lead to disappointment and may be delayed treatment of the real sickness. Therefore, it is important to repeat the tests a few times. After getting repeated positive results also you should visit a health center and meet an OB. You must follow their instructions meticulously and undergo all the prenatal tests. The final confirmation may take a few minutes or a couple of hours. Patience will ultimately reward you with the sweet news of thepregnancy and an imminent arrival of your bundle of joy.

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